About us

SF_IRGO_CoverIn April 2012, nine founding members signed the documents to launch the Society of Friends of IRGO (SF∗IRGO). Official entry in the Register of Associations, and fiscal assessment as a charitable society had been achieved by October 2012. Administratively, SF∗IRGO is based in Cologne, but it is of course open to all persons willing to actively support the aims of the society.

The aims of SF∗IRGO

  • to support the independent International Research Group on Ostracoda, both internally and externally
  • to help IRGO in administrative and financial routines
  • to give aid to organizers of conferences related to Ostracoda
  • to promote training courses and research activities on Recent and fossil Ostracoda
  • to support, promote and supervise the scientific analysis of research data on Ostracoda in the framework of the ‘Kempf Database Ostracoda’
  • to promote the importance of ostracod research outside of IRGO

The bylaws of SF∗IRGO invite the current IRGO president to be member of the Advisory Board of the Society.

For more details, please download the Flyer 2013