Program ESO 2023

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The European School on Ostracoda 2023 will take place in Rome, Italy.

July, 9th, Sunday
General Fields I 

  • Introduction
  • Bauplan, higher systematics & morphology
  • Ontogeny
  • Taxonomy and nomenclature Sampling and sample preparation
  • Ostracod sampling in the afternoon

July, 10th, Monday
Living Ostracoda & General Fields II

  • Soft parts
  • Exercises in soft part analysis
  • Documentation and collections
  • Distribution and ecology
  • Sampling and sample preparation
  • Preservation
  • Data handling

July, 11th, Tuesday
Quantitative analyses and applications 

  • Data handling
  • Multivariate statistics
  • Introduction to Quaternary palaeoenvironmental analysis
  • Transfer functions and modern analogue technique
  • Application in geoarchaeology
  • Application in water quality studies

July, 12th, Wednesday
Pre-Quaternary Ostracoda

  • Palaeozoic Ostracoda and P/T extinction
  • Mesozoic Ostracoda

July, 13th, Thursday
Shell chemistry & Industrial Micropalaeontology 

  • Stable isotopes and trace elements
  • History and perspectives of industrial micropalaeontology
  • Drilling, sample types and data handling
  • Biostratigraphy: Introduction
  • Applied biostratigraphy
  • General Discussion
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